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Hard Truths and Obvious Facts II

Myth: There just isn’t enough time in the day to get everything done that you need to.Truth: There’s plenty of time, what’s lacking is motivation. This Blog is a good example. For months I’ve been busily convincing myself that I simply didn’t have time to make any new entries. Truth is, it’s not time lacking so much as the simple motivation to pull myself out of that glassy-eyed funk that holds me captive as I’m watching the meaningless TV that keeps the other two members of this household hypnotized for a few hours a day. Work holds even more examples. I could no doubt sit and twice or three times as much work each day as I actually do but at what cost? A couple weeks of that and they’ll be replacing me with a paperweight or I’ll be bored to tears. I’d frankly rather be fired but it’s amusing that apparently an instinct of some sort protects me from that occurrence. When the long-term planning sections of my brain declare that I’m close to running out of work I’ll conveniently have a yawn quietly for an hour quite against my will. It’s amazing how highly evolved the American worker is.

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