The story of the Weekend – 1/23/11

I’m not beyond admitting that this weekend was one rife with complexity. There were layers upon layers of occurrences and circumstances that were less than obvious to all but the most intimate participants in it. Lessons were learned, truths were revealed and ultimately I learned a few life lessons.

The simple facts of the weekend were many. Friday night Laura came down to see me and we enjoyed stir-fry recipe number…. 8? I’ve long since lost count, but I’m fairly deep into the cookbook. Friday’s dinner was chicken and cashews and steamed broccoli. I will not fail to admit that the cashews were a bit much for me. When Sunday afternoon came and my lovely lifemate made her way back home she did so with the chicken and cashews in tow. I hope that she and her delightful young son make good use of them. Saturday dawned, later than it seemed possible, with a schedule ahead of us which would have intimidated all but the most energetic participants.

Saturday started with brunch out. One of frequent lunch haunts also serves a decadent and varied breakfast menus on the weekends. We dined there within view of our next destination. Properly supped, we made our way to the matinee where we saw “The Fighter”. I intentionally refused any preview of the contents and was more than pleasantly surprised. At the movies moment of climax it was clear that a significant portion of the audience was actually brought to the point of tears. I posited to Laura that if more attendees had been in evidence the clapping which sporadically ensued might have been sustained into a standing ovation. The lookers-on seemed truly and sincerely moved.

After the movie, we made our way towards the IMA, but not before we stopped at the Goodwill Outlet store. Our stop was not with the intention of retail therapy, but instead just for the social experience. Anyone wishing perspective on the state of the world should betake themselves unto the outlet store on a Saturday. After that we made our way onward to the IMA and all it has to offer. The photos will speak for themselves. After dinner the Chatham Tap provided dinner and the evening entertainment was from Theatre on the Square. While the particular offering this evening was a bit much for both our tastes, it still inspired me to think once again of getting season tickets to TOTS. Even the worst of live theatre is more entertaining than the majority of cinema.

Thirteen hours later we finally made our way back to my place, well entertained and well fed. In terms of simple practicalities, the day was marvelous. In terms of the company, the day really was amazing. I never cease to wonder at Laura’s ability to just enjoy situation, the pure joy of the moment. Unfortunately, I let my thoughts wander; I analyzed far more than was necessary and I hurt those around me and ultimately caused myself pain.

In my job, my analytical skills are invaluable. I think, I ponder, I pursue, I passionately stretch myself to achieve a goal. I push and push and push and push until I arrive where I want to be. I’m assiduous and ceaseless, determined and dauntless. Many would say that I’m manic in my pursuits. Unfortunately, this is a terribly shitty way to conduct one’s personal life. I demand so much of myself but I can’t demand it of others. If I do so, I will truly lose everything I care for. Sometimes you do have to just relax and wait. Somebody taught me that once but I failed to remember. I can’t forget again. I wish I could wind back the clock and do it all differently.

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