A Guide to this Blog…

So the first thing to know about this blog is that it’s not actually one blog but, in fact, three blogs.  I tend to go on sporadic tears on all sorts of random topics and I’ve often said that I pick up interests and hobbies in the same way that other people pick up loose change on the street.  So over the years I’ve puttered around with a lot of different things and as such I can’t possibly expect any reasonably sane group of people to actually care about all of them.  From such scattered thinking on my part was born the need for three blogs instead of one.  I want people to be able to get the random crap they want and happily ignore the random crap they do NOT want.

Unlike Google’s Blogger, WordPress – bless its magically helpful heart – allows me to do this rather seamlessly.  In some ways, perhaps a bit too seamlessly as I suspect it confuses people at times.  So, continuing on at what must seem a glacial pace, I give you, the blogs:

  1. The primary blog is The Tattered Thread.  Here you’ll find all the random housekeeping tidbits and my attempts at writing.  The current flavor of the day seems to be science fiction but long term I imagine this really being more about my personal ramblings and literature in general.  If you find my tendency towards prolix soliloquy annoying then DO NOT READ The Tattered Thread.  It’s nothing BUT prolix soliloquy.  That said, it’s also the catch-all for emerging and random ideas as they roll about in my head, so when I add a 4th and 5th and 80th blog to this collection, you can bet that it’ll have its roots in The Thread.
  2. Secondarily, we have Rob Slaven Photography.  This eponymous little creature is the home of my photographic endeavors.  I try to keep the words short and the photos amusing.  Those who prefer to consume their blogs in photo form should go over there.
  3. Tertiarily and at least in part because I like the idea of using the word tertiarily, we have Golden Oldies Ads.  Over the years I’ve collected print advertising from magazines and I think these dusty attempts to get people to buy stuff that they don’t necessarily want or need really have a lot to say about society and the people in it.  Not to mention, they can just be downright amusing.  You haven’t lived until you’ve seen what passed for fashionable clothing in the early 70s.

So there’s the nickel tour.  I try to make sure a new post is scheduled for each blog at 5pm EST.  Read what you want and ignore what you don’t.  I can’t make it any easier than that.


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81 responses to “A Guide to this Blog…

  1. My problem is I want to read it all! 🙂 Except when you were posting about the Koran… I did lose interest then. Not my cup o’ tea. Soooo the oldie ads look interesting and amusing too. I’m sure you won’t mind responses a month or so later… 🙂

    • Rob Slaven

      Heh, see, exactly my point. Not everything is everyone’s cup of tea. I’m pretty sure I would have tuned out the Koran too if I hadn’t been writing it. 🙂 As for responding a month later, despite something you wrote somewhere about not reading past the first couple posts, people on here DO tend to read fairly deeply. It is, frankly, rather amazing. I have a post ruminating in my head comparing blogger to wordpress. These wordpress people rock. Just saying….

      • Yeah, I remember saying something about that years ago when I was on LiveJournal. WordPress helps with that though, which is really cool. Everytime someone likes a page, the owner of that page gets the email with the links to the 3 most popular pages the sender has… I’m sure you’ve noticed this. It encourages people to dive into the middle of your blog, instead of at the latest post.

      • Rob Slaven

        Agreed. It’s a great feature until you turn it off. I do find myself wondering, however, which blog entries it suggests to people when I hit like. No way to view that that I’m aware of…

      • Did you turn this off somehow? If not, like one of my posts and I’ll forward it to you… More interesting in your case, I think, is which of your blogs will it suggest posts from? Just your main blog, which I assume is Tattered, or the 3 most popular across all 3?

      • Rob Slaven

        thx for helping me resolve this. I wonder if I could somehow like something on my own blog to find thsi out from time to time.

      • windruffle

        Please link where you post about the Koran, was just talking to a friend yesterday and how my dad studied it all.. I had meant to read it but when will I ever get the time??? If you post it it will save me browsing time, pleeease? 🙂

  2. After following your photography blog for a while…..I just found this one. You are a fantastic writer! Glad I read “the Guide”!

  3. Just skimmed through all of your blogs. I look forward to sitting down and reading them soon!

  4. Hey Rob,
    Thanksfor liking my graphic novel on http://www.thehistoryofthings.com I am putting up a page every day. The novel is about photography, so it’s up your alley. Consider following the blog. Could use the reader and comments.


  5. You are one prolific blogger! Thanks for stopping by my blog and hitting the like button. I will be back to do some reading before heading over to your other blogs. Happy New Year.

  6. Thank you for visiting my blog. I enjoyed the nostalgia from some of the old ads.

  7. Sure seems like you’re having an awful lot of fun. Yay!
    Pam B

  8. Seems like a comprehensive blog, Photos, literature, sci-fi all under one roof. I glanced through your photo blog; got a feel that you enjoy freezing magic moments with your click. I love those pictures, brings a smile even under a stressful condition. And there’s a classic adventure enclave. I might spend some time there to see what I’ve missed here while I was busy educating myself on the other side of the globe or may be in some other form of life, depending how far back in past your adventure goes. Thanks for organizing it under separate pages as well as putting this guide together. And yeah thanks for stopping by my hood. Your blog seems to be a fun place. We’ll be talking a lot.

  9. Hiii! thank you for reading my blog! I like you have multiple blogs, one for my photography and one for my side hobbies-cooking, crafts and other randoms that I attempt to do semi-well. I hope to find more interesting finds in your pages!

  10. Triple-threat, Jack-of-all-trade blog. This is awesome!

  11. I’ve just had a bit of a read through your blogs, and I love your style of writing. It’s so nice to read. I’ll definitely be back here 🙂

  12. Hello Rob – I saw you stopped-by my blog yesterday…thank you for visiting…and for letting me know you were there.

    You have an incredible site (three sites)…amazing photos. I haven’t gotten into the writing bit yet, but I will be visiting often. Thank you for sharing, Scott.

  13. herndonjw

    Thanks for the like at Necessary Miscellany! I’ll be back to check out your blog!

  14. Hey, just stopping in to let you know I’ve passed a pretty little Kreativ Blogger award to you. Do with it as you will and enjoy. Keep up the great work.

  15. Beautiful pictures! Your blog is inspiring me to pick up my camera again!

  16. Nice place you got here! Loving the combo of all three spheres.

  17. Thanks to Rob Slaven for dropping by on my post and liking it.


    I had a glance at the pics clicked by you.. They are excellent and make you feel very much close to the reality!!!

    – Arvind K. Pandey


  18. Thank you for liking my blog …

    I want to read more of yours … soon!

  19. Nae

    Thanks for liking my post! You have an incredible number of followers. Looking forward to looking through your blog!

  20. Very interesting material – I’m going to spend some time reading more. Thanks for visiting my blog.

  21. I like random commentary. I sort of try to channel mine towards Hearing issues, but you know what? That can be boring. That being said, I’m not ready to create more blogs. Two is more than enough. 🙂

  22. Know what you mean about Blogger.com. WordPress is much easier than Blogger. Having to fool with HTML at Blogger sometimes made me jump to WordPress.

  23. Hi, thanks for liking my blog on the Catholic church and anti-Semitism.

  24. Love your site and more people need to know it too. I have nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award. Congratulations!

  25. Hey…nice blog! Thanks for liking my blog. I think a lot, I blog some, I think some more…,makes sense to me…gets it offa my chest anyways..:)

  26. holycowimforty

    I’ve read a few of your entries, and I like the way you write. If I ever find the time to do so (and to become proficient at using this website’s tools), I’ll probably would like to add a second part to my blog to display my photography as well. Excellent ideas.

  27. Dear Rob,

    Thank you for appreciating my work. As you, I am a person with varied interests but managing three blogs seems a bit hectic.


    p.s. You’ve got a way with words. 😀

  28. From one Indiana blogger to another, thanks for the “like” on my “Nose out of joint” post today. I am glad we connected.

  29. Rob,
    Thanks for liking my post.
    Whoever said that writers can be photographers is soooo wrong.
    Your photos are amazing!
    A former pastor I worked for has his church in Zionsville. I think Lutheran Evangelical (name John Fiene). Wouldn’t that be something if you knew him.


  30. Rob, Nice explanation that cleared up any confusion I had when I first went to the Golden Oldies Ads blog from your “like” of my poem today. 🙂 I for one, however, actually did “live” the fashion of the early 70’s – the young child’s version, of course, but nonetheless I have no need to relive it now. I will check out the Thread, though, and probably pop on over to see some photos. Peace, Linda

  31. thank you for checking out my photo/writing blog – appreciate the support. feel free to subscribe to daily doses! cheers, y

  32. Interesting, I maintain a 3-in-1 as well….

  33. Rob – thanks for visiting thenewvernacular. Classic ads – what a great idea!

  34. Jacky Vee

    Very much enjoying what I’ve seen so far!

  35. Thanks for liking! The 3 entries of yours that WordPress recommended to me were A Guide to This Blog, An Agnostic View of the Ten Commandments, and Can’t Even Give It Away. Interesting to know, huh? Looking forward to exploring your blog!

    • Rob Slaven

      Thanks! And yeah, I wish I could change those around at will. The guide is a good thing but the other two are a bit abrupt as introductions go. 🙂 Thanks for visiting!

  36. Thank you for liking my post about photographer Tim Flach at http://www.urbancurator.wordpress.com

    I post photography and art on a regular basis – along with my love of interior decor.

    Your photography is fantastic – can’t wait to see more!

  37. thanks for ‘liking’ Tess…..my best, tom Hey, Rob, did I ever ask you if you had been to or knew of the Steer-In restaurant in Indianapolis? Just curious how good it is…..it looks awesome…the food…

    • Rob Slaven

      Hrm. I know that SOMEONE did. Probably you. I haven’t been but I’ve heard great things about it. Mostly from you though. 🙂

  38. Thank you for stopping by my blog and liking my post, I really enjoyed looking through your photography!

  39. wmbaldwi

    I really liked your classic advertising page. You may want to check out this Winchester shotgun book it has a lot of old ads toward the end; they seem like something you’d be into. And thanks for the like on my bike photo.

  40. Sounds exciting… It’s like a “choose your own adventure” blog!

    Thanks for dropping in on mine! Can’t wait to learn about early 70s fashion!

  41. Pingback: Thank You « The Flashing Blade

  42. Congratulations! I have nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award, check it out here:
    Enjoy and have fun
    You deserved it!

  43. My second…

    Just reiterating how impressive your blog is. That’s all.

  44. hi rob, thanks for the “like”!

    i just skimmed through your blog/s and i have to say, i like what you have to say too. 🙂

  45. Cathy Barzo

    Hi Rob – thanks for liking my blog – I’m realitively new to this. Seeing that you are into advertising, there’s a fabulous radio show on CBC Radio 1 called Under the Influence. The show talks about advertising and how it affects our life. I’ve yet to look over your sites, but from reading some of the above responses, I can’t wait to look at your photography and your writings.

  46. J M Naszady

    Thanks for visiting my blog…yours is quite interesting and I will be back to check on it…

  47. I LOVE the Golden Oldies blog! Sometimes I think I was born in the wrong decade, because everything from the 60s and 70s fascinates me, especially the ads! Thanks for finding and posting these ads. Plus kudos for the Blues Brothers photo.

  48. hey Rob!

    I am definitely not sure but it seems like you were following my blog. Thanks a lot!

    It just moved to http://www.wevelostcontrol.com

    I am not sure if you still get the feed so feel free to subscribe again.

    Best, Transmission!

  49. Rob Kotaska

    Love this: Praise welcome; criticism treasured.

  50. I have started enjoying your blogs. My self, I am new to blogs and am glad I am doing it. It is fun sharing your interests in this unique way. A Blog has really has no frontiers and as a beginner am enjoying its free flow form and format. It allows you to think about new ideas and sharing them. Well done to you for your blogs; all three of them.

  51. Hi Rob – Love your stuf…especialy the old advertisements. Thanks for subscribing to my blog…I’ve returned the favor! Looking forward to more ads and other good stuff. The 70’s clothing stuff was a hoot!

  52. Thank you for reading my post! I enjoy photography, and I’ll eventually post about my photos. But for now, I’ll explore yours. Love the orchids, btw.

  53. Namaste! I have enjoyed reading your blog, I find it very inspirational and motivating, this is why I have nominated you for the Kreativ Blogger Award. If you care to participate here is the link: http://totaltrinity.wordpress.com/2012/03/09/kreative-blogger-award/

  54. Sid Dunnebacke

    I nominated you and your blog for the Genuine Blogger Award (no strings) and the Sunshine Award (sorry about the strings). I enjoy your work and thought you should know. – Sid

  55. Rob – Your writing and photography combines to make a great experience each time I visit. Therefore, I nominated you for the Beautiful Blogger Award. http://kateschannel.wordpress.com/2012/05/13/tumultuous-and-beautiful/

  56. Thank you for liking one of my posts way back in April. I plan to look at your blogs again when I have more time.

  57. Haven’t see you recently. Hope all is well.

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