Reviews: God’s Eye by A.J. Scudiere

God's EyeGod’s Eye by A.J. Scudiere

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

First things first as always. I received this book via a GoodReads drawing and therefore didn’t pay anything for it. Despite that kind consideration I’ll give you my honest assessment as always.

In general I find it rather distasteful to say much of anything about the plot but in this case I will make a very slight exception. At a very high level the book shows us a woman of privileged background who is being ‘courted’ by an angel and a demon come to Earth in human form and her choice of one of them will determine her eventual fate. The only reason this tidbit is at all important is to clarify for potential readers that this book is in no way a religious one. It deals with eternal moral questions but not in any way that’s directly religious. Or, to put it more bluntly, at no time is the reader preached at. Not a religious book at all.

Double preambles now complete, we get along to the assessment of the novel. Stylistically Scudiere’s writing is very solid. Reading pace is swift and easy and the author’s intent is clearly transmitted. The story is mildly cliche but it’s rather impossible to be otherwise when dealing with any topic so basic. Overall I’d rate the book as mildly amusing but sadly not worth the time it took to consume it. The same story could be covered in half the time and deliver much more punch. Lastly, the novel’s ending, after so much gritty darkness, is sappily and inanely sweet. When cutting the novel down to a reasonable size the first thing to be eliminated should be the last 30 pages.

Editorially I think the book suffers from some unskillful excisions. In several places the text refers to past events that never occurred in a manner that makes me think we were supposed to know about them. I also wonder if the ending was cobbled on at the request of some early reviewer who thought the original ending too dark.

In summary, this is a great idea for a story but there’s just too much of it. At times the author’s rendering of events is dramatic and gripping but one must tread water for far too long to get where the author’s taking you.

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