Movie Reviews: Noah (***)

The majority of the negative reviews on this movie seem to center around how un-biblical it is. As a ‘secularist’ (as my Christian friends call me) I couldn’t give less of a hoot about about Biblical accuracy but I still found the movie rather annoying.

To the positive,as is typical in most modern movies, the visuals were wonderful. A lot of the scenery was truly stunning and made me wish I did a lot more traveling. The CGI details of the ark in motion we well done enough and as a work of visual art the movie was pretty good. Also, as much as people complain about the “rock monsters” or “transformers” I found their origin story rather intriguing.

To the negative, I tend to complain endlessly about unnecessary action sequences and this movie had plenty of them. I fail to see how the death and destruction depicted really moved the story along or why anyone bothered to include them. As a story, I tend to think that, ironically, it depended too much on the viewers previous knowledge of the Biblical version of events. I’m at least vaguely familiar with the original story and even with that knowledge I’m not sure why some things happened. It just doesn’t hang together very well at all.

In summary, as everyone else has said, if you’re looking at this movie because you feel it to be somehow Biblical, don’t bother. If you just want a good storyline, probably also don’t bother. If you just like action for the sake of action, well go for it. It’s got that but be warned that your action will be interrupted by some rather feeble attempts at a story.


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2 responses to “Movie Reviews: Noah (***)

  1. My Christian friends were up in arms as well about how controversial this was. Personally I don’t get it at all. The bible is all about interpretation. People can and have been doing all sorts of interpretations for 2000 years, If we all read it and interpreted it the same way there would have only been one religion. Get my drift?:)
    A good story is a good story. Noah in Genesis is a good story, this is a not so good story (not that I’ve seen, not really interested to be honest).

    • I do and I agree. Many seem to be very, VERY personally tied to one specific interpretation. I guess…. that’s how it’s supposed to be..? I don’t know. Would seem silly for any reasonable God to hand down a book that’s intentionally divisive. Oh well. Who can say. Can’t we all jsut get along?!?!?!?

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