Indianapolis Photography Theatre Directory

All the amazing shows I’ve had the privilege of shooting photos for organized by production company

Buck Creek Players (

Catalyst Repertory

Footlite Musicals (

Indiana Playwrights Circle

  • 2021 10-Minute Play Festival – Nov 2021
    • Dog Park – by Josie Gingrich – Presented by Theatre Unchained – Directed by: Megan Ann Jacobs
    • Echoes – by Garret Schneider – Presented by Monument Theatre Company – Directed by: Caleb Clark
    • Karma Cop – by Megan Ann Jacobs – Presented by Elliot Productions – Directed by: Spencer Elliott
    • Nice Knowing You – by Lou Harry – Presented by American Lives Theatre – Directed by: Chris Saunders
    • Scavengers – by Marcia Eppich-Harris – Presented by Catalyst Repertory – Directed by: Casey Ross
    • Terms and Conditions – by Mary Karty – Presented by Emerging Artists Theatre – Directed by: Anthony L Nathan
    • Two Yards of Satan – by Kelly Andronico – Presented by Westfield Playhouse – Directed by: Kate Hinman

Southbank Theatre Company

  • Seneca and the Soul of Nero – Written by: Marcia Eppich-Harris – Directed by: Doug Powers – Sep/Oct 2021
  • Rabbit – Director: Marcia Eppich-Harris – Dec 2021

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