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Crappy Ideas

There’s a fundamental problem with the world and that is that there’s no quick, easy and reliable test for crappiness. Let me illustrate. I had this idea that it might be amusing to write my autobiography. So, to test the idea I sat down and wrote. I wrote for hours and hours and then more hours. Then, after I’d spent 5 hours on it even I lost interest. Now if anyone’s going to have an interest in my life it should be me but I’ve managed to bore even myself. So in this case, the crappiness test took about 5 hours.

Illustration the second. The other day I was doing the laundry or some other similarly mundane task when my mind started to wander into song parodies. It occurred to me that the Zager and Evans tune “In the year 2525” could be adapted to revolve around parking. It should be understood that I work for a company that does parking software so this isn’t quite as silly as it seems. Anyway, I was as far as “In the year 2525, if man can still drive…” when my mind again wandered onto a much ‘better’ idea.

In this much better idea, you could take the Nirvana song “Smells like Teen Spirit” and rework it into a religious tune. There are a lot of Christians around here so I often think about things to entertain them for some reason. Anyway, I got as far as the Chorus:

“Smells like the Holy Spirit”

Now I’m kneelin’ and I’m prayin’
Sure hope God hears what I’m sayin’
Got my bible, here in my hand
Soon I’ll start up, my own punk band
Who’s the best now, of the apostles
If you ask me, wow, I like pa-ul.

Luckily, in that case the crappiness test only took about 10 minutes. Sometimes nature does smile upon us once in a while… or perhaps it’s laughing.


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Funny Stuff….

You know… once you get around the fact that the protagonists of this little show are the better part of a happy meal, this show is ridiculously funny. I’m not really sure I understand why.

I guess it’s probably just something about Carl. Though I’ll admit that the whole broom thing is a bit over the top.


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It’s nice to know I was this cool even from birth

Honestly, does it get any cooler than this? Hard to believe this was 1973 and I’m still as cool today as I was then.


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