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Narita Express by Mimi Wong

29423887I picked this little splat of a book up because it was lonely and unreviewed on Kindle Unlimited. Despite the joy of a free book, I’m candid below.

The snapshot on this one is that it’s the story of a pair of star-crossed lovers as they meet for a long weekend together. The action only covers a few days and is about a 20-minute read if you’re leisurely about it.

To the positive side, the author paints a good picture of how these two characters are feeling and the situation that brought them to these straits. The man meets the woman with great anticipation and frankly, lust, and the story unfolds as they both realize the price they’ll have to pay for this time together. I wouldn’t call it emotional but it is a very emotionally deep piece.

The only real negative, and it’s a negative which depends to great extent what it is you’re looking for in a 20-minute read, is that anything which can be called is action is entirely internal. There’s no excitement or dramatic event, it’s just a rather slow dawning of realization.

In summary, this is a solid bit of writing but you have to be in the right mindset for it. It’s the sort of tidbit you might suggest to your mate as a “let’s read and then discuss” piece on a quiet night staying in when the kids are away at grandmas.

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A Man Called Hero – Amusing enough if you have the right frame of mind (4/5)

I picked this movie because it looked lonely on Amazon Instant Watch. At first I had my doubts but by 20 minutes in I was glad that I did.

So this is a multi-generational revenge/drama/romance film. Some innocent people are killed, a son goes in search of revenge in America. We don’t hear much about it until his own son shows up in America almost two decades later. Eventually fighting and the standard expected stuff ensues.

On the positive side, this is a martial arts film rife with all the standard soft of action you’d expect in such. It should be noted that this is primarily a family drama and not all that much action. I’d say it’s 80% family drama and 20% combat. it’s really, really cheesy combat but combat none the less. The real joy of this film comes from seeing all the stereotypical portrayals of Americans as viewed from the standpoint of the Chinese. They’re not all QUITE walking around in spurs and chaps but they certainly do dress alike.

To the negative, some of the scenes are just ill-constructed. I’m talking Power Rangers bad here. Early on we get a glowing-red obviously plastic sword that really steals a scene or two and it is an effort to suspend disbelief. Other fighting scenes are similarly laughable but that’s all part of the fun.

In summary, this is a good one to sit down with and not take too seriously early on. The story’s not half bad; you just have to decide to focus on the parts that amuse you and not the parts that are terrible.

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Re-Cycle – Pretty Terrifying even with the Subtitles (4/5)

We picked this movie mainly because it had the word ‘phantasmagorical’ in the description. Any movie that uses that word is almost guaranteed to be worth watching. On the whole, it was a good pick.

The story is anything but straightforward, but in a nutshell, an author gets sucked into a world built of her own discarded ideas and has to find a way to escape. I won’t say more for fear of spoilers but this is one EXCEPTIONALLY creepy movie both in concept and in execution. It sustains this creepiness without a great deal of violence and not really any gore to speak of; it’s a deeply psychological terror.

On the positive side of things, this movie is visually stunning to the Nth degree. I found myself wishing that we’d been able to see this in the theatre instead of on a television. This would be one to sit near the front in the center of the theatre for. Even on the small screen this one has a yawning depth of visuals. Also, as I said above, the story is extremely nerve-wracking but doesn’t have to splash blood on you to do it.

To the negative, the story fades a bit towards the end. The movie veers into what would appear to be a visual polemic against abortion; while the scenes around this topic are exceptionally horrifying and effective, one does get the sense of being lectured to a bit. Near the very end the special effects seem unnecessarily forced and don’t really add to the story in any way. At times when the movie tries to be an action flick rather than a psychological horror things just don’t work out in its favor..

To sum up, an extremely disturbing and well-executed movie about the place where all those discarded objects and ideas in our lives go. Highly recommended if you want to be terrified out of your mind and want to exercise your eyeballs. Those seeking a more erudite offering may be a bit disappointed. Good escapist horror mostly unencumbered by detailed storyline.

Visit our review on Amazon.com to let us know what you think and don’t forget to vote our review helpful if you find it so. If you don’t then that’s fine too but please let us know what we missed!

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