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Reviews: Marathon Training – Winning Strategies, Preparation and Nutrition for Running 5k, Half, Long Distance Marathons

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As usual I received this book for free through a a giveaway. In this case it was via a LibraryThing member giveaway. Despite this kindness my candid opinions follow.

On the positive side, this book has a very upbeat and encouraging attitude. It attempts to work as much on the mental aspects of running as it does the physical and nutritional ones.

To the negative side, the book is the most poorly edited one I’ve read in years. Each page contains an average of 2-3 spelling or grammatical errors. Further, the author is upbeat and positive but does so to the point of becoming totally unrealistic about the process. The most horrifying thing is the author’s loose play with facts and failure to cite her sources. Doctor’s and physicians are quoted anonymously as recommending this or that but at no time is the reader advised that they should consult a doctor about their own situation. Despite the author’s view to the contrary, everyone can’t run a marathon just by “trying hard enough!”

In summary, I’m concerned that the author could easily be sued because of this book. I reserve one and two star reviews for books that are just unreadable because of language or because they may harm other people. This book is, unfortunately, both. I recommend it for no one and advise those who wish to begin a health regimen to seek out a more legitimate and professional source for information. The book is clearly well-intentioned but falls far short.

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