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Review of: Grape Spunk – Wine Memoirs 2015 by Stuart Reeves

This one appealed to neither me nor my fiancee but perhaps it will do for you. She asked me to stop reading after three pages.

It’s certainly crude enough for even the most puerile partaker of literature and bars no holds when it comes to offending the reader.

In my video review hear my reading of a couple of randomly selected wines

** Original Description:

This superb testament to fine wine fermentation emanates like a huge constipated turd from the Whippet Digest’s Food & Drink team. Featuring the marvellous reviews by their in house connoisseur’s, Felicity Cockstraddler and Roderick Cameron – Nightterror, it provides a cutting edge survival guide to navigating some of the lesser established 2015 vintages.

Flirting a distinct luminous broken nose poca dot colour, infused with hallucinogenic tartan and a prominent cattle ranch nose, this belter of a book has a distinctly unique dry texture, skillfully woven to a completely fictitious fruity frame.

Would pair magnificently on a lazy Sunday morning wash room expedition after a massive bender the night before, particularly if you have run out of toilet paper and read fast. However, this vintage should keep for years in a cool environment and is an excellent choice for refined individuals, who understand not to take life too seriously.

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