Projects and Series

I love a long-term project but I tend to lose them as the slink into the deep and misty past.  Here’s the guide of what I’ve bothered to dig up and organize so far.

Lies my Teacher Told Me [IN PROGRESS]

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Chapter 1 – Handicapped by History: The process of Hero-Making




The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up  [COMPLETE]

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Chapter 1 – Why can’t I keep my house in order?
Chapter 2 – Finish discarding first
Chapter 3 – Tidying by category works like magic
Chapter 4 – Storing your things to make your life shine
Chapter 5 – The magic of tidying dramatically transforms your life

World Religions: Islam [COMPLETE]

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Lecture 1– Islam Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow
Lecture 2 – The Five Pillars of Islam
Lecture 3 – Muhammad-Prophet and Statesman
Lecture 4 – God’s Word-The Quranic Worldview
Lecture 5 – The Muslim Community-Faith and Politics
Lecture 6 – Paths to God-Islamic Law and Mysticism
Lecture 7 – Islamic Revivalism-Renewal and Reform
Lecture 8 – The Contemporary Resurgence of Islam
Lecture 9 – Islam at the Crossroads
Lecture 10 – Women and Change in Islam
Lecture 11 – Islam in the West
Lecture 12 – The Future of Islam

How to be a Victorian [IN PROGRESS]

[ Ch 1 Ch 2 ]

Islam: The Straight Path [IN PROGRESS]

[Ch 1 Ch 2 | Ch 3 Pt 1 Ch 3 Pt 2 Ch 3 Pt 3]

Classic SciFi Summarized

[ Universe 4 Space Science Fiction Magazine 1957 1977 World’s Best Science Fiction Nothing Happens on the Moon Kaleidoscope, Bradbury Alexander the Bait Homo Sol, Asimov Shipshape Home Catch that Martian The Star Dummy Way Station The Head Hunters Omnibus of Science Fiction, 1952 Omnibus of Science Fiction, Pt2, 1952 ]